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Euroshop, the world’s Nr.1. Retail trade fair was held on between 16-20 February 2020 in Duesseldorf.

We as Arcoglobal took excitedly place in that fair with our 400 sqm exhibition area. We’d started to work for it in March 2019 with our first Euroshop training meeting and kept on getting ready till the first visitors came to our booth.

After hours of brainstorming for our booth design, we decided to show our backstage, but it was not easy to reflect our work since we do not produce any fabricated work. What we do is always tailor-made, and besides this, we provide a full service to our clients. We realise not only the luxury retail stores but also handle successfully with all the problems during the process. But in the end, after completing and handing over these beautiful shining stores to the brands, everybody is interested in the luxury products in that store. Still, nobody wonders how it turned into reality. Who did give his best to open the store in best quality and on time? Did it happen with magic? If yes, we are the “magicians”. So our motto for our backstage came up “what is behind magic”!

In order to impress our visitors strikingly, we wanted to exhibit an artwork to be placed in the foreground of our exhibition booth. We decided to collaborate with the famous Turkish artist Seçkin Pirim and asked him to create a unique piece for us. After listening to our story, he created his sculpture summarising that we remain as secret magicians, like the unseen part of an iceberg.

We should say that it was really a good idea to place this artwork because it was very impressive and remarkable during the fair.

So that, the foreground was well planned, and we were busy with planning our backstage.

Our design team completed our booth design with five interactive stages, each of them allowing the visitors to experience our workings phases: planning, pre-production, production, packaging&shipping and installation. The magicians of arcoglobal would turn into storytellers and accompany the visitors to take a tour through our booth. While the booth stages were under production, we were as busy as a bee with the simulations of the tour and our storytelling texts. Where should the tour be started, which text would give the main idea more effectively, who would take care of the visitors after the tour and who would serve good coffee, etc. We were planning each detail with full motivation and eager, aiming to present not an ordinary exhibition, but a perfect show.

Choosing the fair staff from our teams, regular team meetings, exercising the storytelling texts, discussions about the concept improvements, inviting the clients, organising visas and flight tickets, airport transfers, hotel bookings, dinner organisations etc. When February came, we couldn’t wait anymore and were looking forward to taking our part at the fair.

Finally, the time came and we were excitedly ready to go.

As we arrived Duesseldorf, we visited our fair stand directly and did the final checks.

Now the Euroshop could begin!

After Euroshop opened its doors to the visitors, we welcomed our first visitors in a very short time.

Firstly we talked about the sculpture and discussed what it could be. There were many creative ideas about the sculpture. As we explained that we are the luxury shopfitters and the shining clean part at the top of this sculpture stands for the luxury stores and the rusty parts with all ups and downs and struggles symbolise our process, all the visitors were impressed. It really reflects our reality.

Following this introduction, we started our tour with the mysterious installation of our first phase: Planning. Our pavilion-looking black installation in between white curtains was fascinating for the visitors, and they were coming with wonder to see what should be behind this installation. That was precisely our aim to achieve: What is behind magic!

The first station was symbolising the beginning of a project. At the beginning of each project, after receiving the design packages from the brands, there are still many ideas flying around, and our job was putting them in order.

After our planning with our project planning experts, the chaos at the beginning turns into order in the second stage: Pre-Production

As the visitors stepped in the pre-production phase, they could recognise the difference themselves, that the disorder in the first phase, turns into the perfection of arcoglobal. We introduced at this phase our R&D department, which provides us material samples and if needed mock-ups&prototypes and searches for the latest solutions on the market; and Engineering department, which provides us with our shop drawings with the most suitable details for the production. After submitting our drawings and getting approvals from the brands, we were ready for the production.

Let’s move to 3.Phase: Production.

When the visitors came to the third stage, to our production hall, they were more curious about the rest of the tour. They were right because we’d planned an interactive game for Euroshop. We pretended that the visitors were one of our arcoglobal team members and we would produce together a product- symbolised by a wooden stick- for our Euroshop store, which would be installed at the end of the tour. We asked them to write something on the wooden sticks as a remembrance for us: name, signature, any shape or a letter. No matter what they wrote, but each stick would be customised by its producer. After completing our work, it was ready to be packed and shipped away.

In that crate formed installation, we had the chance to talk about how well protected we send our furniture and introduced our Packaging and Logistic departments. Because our products travel very long distances under different conditions and if they would not arrive at the installation site is safe, it would have no meaning what we’d produced. That’s why we have to be sure that our babies arrive safely. Our play was going on, and we were pretending that we would go as a supervisor together with our products to the installation. We asked our visitors to choose a city for the installation, and most of them chose New York. Then, let’s go to New York!

To be honest, it was the most impressive part of the whole tour. The warm colour of the wood, the lighting, the entire ambience of the room and recognising, that the participation of the visitors would install the room was an excellent experience for the visitors. We asked them to put the wooden stick in one of the empty holes on the walls and so that, they played an active role by the installation and design of our Euroshop store. The more surprising for the visitors was hearing that we would take the whole room back to Istanbul and use as our meeting room in our office.

Thanks to our good organisations, we could take photos at the end of the tour with our visitors and send them directly by email to thank them for their participation.

After completing the tour, we were more motivated for the next because we heard so many great compliments from our visitors, we wanted to show our backstages more and more. They were amazed with our booth design, simulation and storytelling, that they recommended us to their friends and brought new visitors to our stand during the next days. Even they were accompanying their friends/contacts as if they were arcoglobal storyteller and explaining the meaning of the sculpture. That was very pleasing and satisfying for us. This is proof that we achieved our goal!

We achieved even more than our goals. We, as arcoglobal team members, felt us like a family and came closer to each other. We worked for the same goal of our company, danced together with the motivation of our booth music, thanks to our awarded barista drank excellent coffees during the fair, went to dinners with nearly 40 team members. We had the chance to know each other better.

Let's have a look at our 360° tour through our booth! We are happy to share our experiences with you!