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The trend fashion brand Les Benjamins’ first flagship store with its fit out by arcoglobal was opened in İstanbul.

The importance of the flagship stores for retailers and their customers is definitely an indisputable fact. A flagship store is the most important store in a chain, often with the largest volume of demand and the most up-to-date formats. It offers a valuable opportunity for a brand to tell its promise not only to its customers but also to the whole world. The trend fashion brand Les Benjamins now proclaims its vision with Les Benjamins İstanbul Multi-Brand Flagship Store.

The trend fashion brand Les Benjamins’ first flagship store was opened in İstanbul, bringing a new concept to the city with its unique approach reflecting stories, cultures and traditions into street fashion, art and technology.

Located on its 300 m2 space in İstanbul’s exclusive Nişantaşı district, Les Benjamins İstanbul Multi-Brand Flagship Store aims to reinvent the shopping experience and to encourage İstanbul’s creative scene to visualize fashion with new eyes. Les Benjamins’ new logo, which is based on a rangefinder camera image, was also created by the philosophy behind the same vision. The creative vision at Les Benjamins has been rooted in culture, travel and outdoor photography and it encourages the feel of seeing cultures through the lens of a camera. The main goal of Les Benjamins’ flagship store in İstanbul is to capture the spirit of the multicultural universe and accompany İstanbul’s young population to take part and evolve in it at the same time.

The founder and creative director Bünyamin Aydın personally curates the products available at the store and prepares selections of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear products, accessories, sneakers, technology products and art&design pieces from international and local brands in order to increase inclusivity of shopping experience in İstanbul. The whole space serves as a place of discovery where people can learn about fashion, technology, design and entrepreneurship, where they do not necessarily need to focus on shopping. The store hosts panel discussions, workshops and many different events in order to reflect and enrich the creative potential of the city.

Les Benjamins İstanbul Multi-Brand Flagship Store reflects the brand’s connection to culture and society with its architecture, as well. It was designed in collaboration with a pioneer environmental architecture studio, FOOD New York. Fit out process was led by arcoglobal as the the general contractor.

The architectural and shopfitting concept of the store as a whole was created by a simple and natural approach. The store has a stimulating and unique design with its exhibition units. On the store surfaces, there are display walls that do not deny the original texture of the product in nature. In addition, the mass at the low level was transformed into a very unusual display unit where the most innovative designs of the brand are placed. The layout of the store evokes an amazing cliff-like feeling between the three levels of the building. The design of the store triggers creative experiences within the guests.

Les Benjamins İstanbul Multi-Brand Flagship Store offers an innovative platform to creative minds of İstanbul with all its context and design.

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