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People love traveling whether it is work or pleasure. The packing, the feeling to discover something new… We really may not figure out the main reason to love traveling but what we do know is, you can not separate the airport experience from the whole journey. It is where it all started after all!

This fact is very well known by almost everybody. Airports have the power of making the journey either blissful or miserable.Let us put the question in other words. How many times you could not find “the gift” what you have been looking for your friend or a colleague due to the lack of retail spaces? What about the desperation you feel when you could not find a place to eat or the meal at your diet? All the seats were taken because there was not enough space to relax!

The numbers and the commercial expectations from İstanbul New Airport would be gigantic. From a traveller’s point of view what matters the most is the way they travel, simply that is called “the passenger experience”, not the numbers.

İstanbul Airport headed out with this password and was designed to make sure passenger comfort and shopping experience are perfect.

The aim for the new airport is very ambitious, targeting to be one of the world’s largest, a major travel hub, an air bridge between continents…

This also means that direct competition with the current hub airports especially in Asia and Middle East where most of the airports have perfected the art of creating terminals with culture, gastronomy, recreational areas, green spaces and of course voluminous shopping plazas.

İstanbul Airport has already rolled up its sleeves to achieve all the important adjectives on earth and was first inaugurated on 29th of October, 2018. Some significant functions and services will fully be active within few weeks ahead scheduled on 6th of April, 2019.  It is a smart complex, dressed up with cutting edge technology. Through sustainability and technology, it will aim to reach the seamless passenger experience that is desired, stated as above.

There are many things you can immediately start while flying through this new hub. By using the mobile application, you can be informed the estimated travel times to get to the airport to the departure gates or keep track of your car for parking or enroll its loyalty program.

Also, you can check your flight while having a sip from your coffee. Ran out of internet? No need to worry, you can stay connected with free Wi-Fi service through the application. If you have a delay at the airport? You can check the galleries and exhibitions through the application so that you can have an enjoyable time while waiting.

Once the airport is complete, there will be restaurants which will host famous chefs and unlike many shopping malls and airports it will have all retail diversity and the unique brand mix. This means that, not like the former airport, you can come to İstanbul Airport and spend, in high ceiling spacious terminal buildings, three to four hours, indulge yourself with all the gastronomic choices and retail options.

Duty free is outstretched to 53.000 sqm offering both international brands and Turkey’s prides. It is sectioned into seven different zones, appealing all nationalities and profiles under the same roof, at once. Each zone will offer something distinctive from one another. Smart shoppers of all ages to kids wear, heavy spenders to trendsetters or sports lovers, one can find whatever he or she needs. With its brand mix, the retail village has already set a new benchmark for not only airports but also for entire retail world.

While Luxury Hill, where all the high end brands are located, was holding a great surprise for travelers, arcoglobal, becomes the major actor to make this specific zone come to life. Nine luxury stores will be perfectly fitted out by arcoglobal and be ready for the major moved out, dated as 6th of April. The breathtaking brands such as, Louis Vuitton, Loro Piana, Bvlgari, Fendi, Prada, Longchamp and Michael Kors will be in the heart of Bosphorus  path for you to visit.

Now it is time to take the further step, help travelers to discover why they love flying and create the travel experience that the continent did not enjoy before.

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