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‘’Furniture production for A+ brands’’ and also arranging ‘’Shop furniture Shipment from IST to all over the World’’ requires having premium quality Packaging techniques and Packaging Solutions. In order to ship our producs safely all over the world, we must be sure that every detail is well planned. Crate&packaging materials should be selected according to the product type.‘’High quality shop furniture productions‘’ needs right production materials to reach the the their adress without any damage.

How We Do Shop Furniture Shipment From Ist to All Over The World

Packaging steps; 

1- Producing Crates;

We mostly prefer wooden crates to carry our custom made furnitures. These styles of boxes can be built to hold payloads of any size and weight.  Wooden crates are durable and customizable to the product. Fistly, the base part of the crate is formed with beech timber. Pls.See in Picture 1&2 We mostly prefer using 15mm OSB or 12mm plywood for outer Shell.

2- Placing products;

After the disassembled process of furnitures & goods , the products are carefully packaged with the appropriate packaging material. Packaging is made with wax paper and then packed with bubble wrap material for polished wood products, Styrofoam sheets or  molded Styrofoam is placed inside the create to reduce the movement during the shipment process. Moisture & humidity barrier is used for special goods in order to prevent deterioration for long term shipments .

3- Labeling;

Each package is numbered according to the packing list which are managed also according to assebly planning on site. Necessary warnings and logos are also added. Boxes whose panels are closed by screwing are protected with a corner bar and steel ring and are stored in our packaging department with the appropriate stacking method until the day they are shipped. Goods become ready for International logistics and customs process management for shop furnitures.