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Harrods – Men’s Outdoor


Working for a worldwide known and respected location was a lifetime experience for a project manager even without getting through a pandemic. While meeting the perfection expectations, the obstacles, which were caused by the pandemic such as not having site surveys and getting together with the project team around a table,  made the project more challenging. However, we accomplished to produce generic furniture, wall panels and veneered doors of Men’s Outdoor Hall which will take place in the 2nd floor of Harrods.

For coordination of shop drawings, we made countless hours of Teams calls with our elaborative engineering team. The calls made the team much more closer as friends and colleagues in an unpleasant pandemic period. As a result of the teamwork and approximately 19 Teams meetings with a total of 28 hours, we suggested several details and alternatives for our client and managed to get approval in a very short time.

The production team was in the trenches of the pandemic conditions. While trying to preserve themselves with the masks and trying to keep their distance from each other, they also fulfilled expectations about perfection. Moreover, they added value to the project with their solutions and suggestions.

Because of current circumstances, we planned the complete installation with our local installation partners. For easing their work on-site, we produced all units with the minimum requirement of assembling work and prepared 3D installation manuals for them.

Above all, our client approached us like a partner and evaluated our all suggestions with a very positive approach.

written by Ant Koraltürk | Project Executive