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Furniture production for A+ Brands


We are working with many brands and our priority is giving the best offer for shop furnitures in Istanbul. Therefore, we provide local solutions with a competitive price for the materials which are used in the project.

Luxury fit out Istanbul

One of the materials which we supply is lighting fixtures locally. Although mostly our clients have a supplier for lighting items, we also suggest local items during the bidding process. By this way, We find a solution and offer an equivalent product to the client as an alternative. If the brand demands from us, we prepare and send sample product for their confirmation. Thus, we can provide cost benefit as a result of requests from the client/project. And it is the reason of why clients want to prefer us. For instance, we are using local led for BALLY store. At the beginning of the process; Even though our client gave references from USA for lighting company, they approved our local led lighting. We prepared prototypes for some furnitures and we found an ideal solution for the project because as Arcoglobal, we are a company that is solution focused for retail projects. Generally, there are shelf lighting in Bally stores and we have linear led lighting in shelves. Also, as we would like to provide the best solution, we are using a different type of aluminium profile according to using areas for lighting fixtures. For example; ultra slim profile, standard profile,45° angled profile etc.

We solve problems

Consequently; in order to give the best support to the brand, we have lots of departments included lighting department. And, we are ready for all challenging process with our team. In the case of a problem, you can be sure, we do our best as a team for solving your problems.