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Decrease in production capacity around the world and the fact that the countries of the world close their borders for a certain period of time caused the logistics industry to enter into a deep impasse. In this period when contracts and deadlines were violated, the logistics industry was almost on the brink of collapse. As an inevitable consequence of the closure of the borders, there was a serious contraction in the cargo volume. As a result of the measures taken, many sales points around the world have been closed.

Arcoglobal Continues Hard Working Even in This Period

As arcoglobal, we continued our high quality shop furniture productions although not at full capacity during this period. We tried to give best offer for shop furnitures ın Turkey to our customers. We had to postpone our assembly service for shop furnitures all over the world due to pandemic measures.. In this period, we gave more priority to services that we can give remotely, such as shop drawing services ın Turkey and all over the world.

Some of The Challenges We Faced

In the projects we have completed in this process, we experienced great difficulties, especially in sea transportation. Since February 2021, a container crisis has started around the world. Of course, it was not possible for internationally operating companies like us not to be affected by this situation. We had to send the shipment of a project we carried out in the USA at a price twice the price we had predicted.

We Are Excited to Do  Our Best After Pandemic Process

After the pandemic process, which we think will end in the near future with the development of vaccines, we want to continue our shop furniture production in Istanbul. We have completed our preparations for this and we look forward to continue our millwork project managements ın Turkey  at our pace before the pandemic.