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arcoglobal came home with a great award from Euroshop 2020, World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair.


Arcoglobal has been working in 24 different countries; including Japan, Israel, Hawaii, Dubai, England, Morocco, Germany and France. As a result, the completed works are over 125k square meters in 190 different stores.

arcoglobal, a Mimar Holding Group company, which produces shopfitting in the luxury retail sector, was in Duesseldorf, Germany between 16-20 February 2020.  Euroshop 2020 hosted arcoglobal , the most important fair for the retail trade which occurs every 3 years in Messe, Duesseldorf.

arcoglobal team, as a result of their work for about a year on the exhibition booth, has returned from the fair with the "Best Stand Design Honor Award".

arcoglobal attended Euroshop 2017 with a 70 square meter exhibition stand. 3 years later, the exhibition area increased rapidly, reaching 400 square meter, to welcome more than 1,500 visitors in just 4 days.

"What is Behind Magic?"

In the concept designed by YOO Architecture, one of the group companies, 5 different stages were created for the visitors to experience the backstage of arcoglobal’s magic. In this setup consisting of 5 stages; Planning, Pre-Production, Production, Logistics and Installation, visitors were given the opportunity to listen to the story and learn the production processes of arcoglobal by visiting each stage with a team member from arcoglobal.

From the very beginning of the project up to its end, the story was told accordingly.

Which phases it has gone through, which departments have been working on it, the endless possibilities it has encountered throughout this process, the different measures taken for it, the consideration of dynamics in different geographies and the selection of the best materials at the right time and finally, the production of all the furniture.

The visitors were included in arcoglobal’s story and it was a unique design of experience.

EUROSHOP, which is organized in Messe, Duesseldorf every 3 years with the participation of 2,300 companies from 57 countries, is known as the fair that provides the biggest retail meetings in the world. Approximately 100,000 people visited EUROSHOP 2020.