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Actually, it is the beginning of an adventure that was evident months ago… As Arcoglobal, we’re running two Japanese restaurant projects in Downtown, Washington D.C- Shoto and Akedo. The time has come to the installation of furniture for Shoto project at the beginning of July. As two teams, we went with a total of 16 people. The first team, as 6 people, arrived on site a week before us and they had started working.

Of course, 10 people could not be expected to have a normal trip on their way to America(!) But we were lucky enough to have a beautiful journey. The only difficult part of our trip was that we did not remove our masks during the flight.

During the month we spent on-site for installation, all we experienced a lot as a team. We worked at a very intense pace; we were tired but also had as much fun! If there is one thing that cannot be denied, it is that we are going through an invaluable process for all of us; another continent, culture, people…

Apart from working busy hours, there were also special days and moments. Together with the team, we witnessed the fireworks show that lasts 30 minutes every year for the 4th of July, the Independence Day of America.

None of us has seen anything like this before, it was truly fascinating moments that we couldn’t forget. We hope to be part of many more projects in America and look forward to being there again!

written by İdil Çelmen | Project Specialist