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We’re currently running two projects in Washington D.C- Shoto & Akedo; one of them will be a Japanese Restaurant (Shoto) and the other will be the Japanese Speakeasy Club, are two beautiful- and yet challenging- project, we’re doing all the project management and final implementations. Also we have full faith in the continuation of it.

Now, let’s take a look at the materials that are effective in creating the wonderful ambiance of Shoto restaurant from these special projects.

Wood, the material widely used in Japanese architecture, is the most used material in our project, especially as solid and engineered wood. This material which has generally natural finishes was manipulated in some places and used as charcoal in wall coverings. Apart from this, natural stones, green granite, handmade ceramic tiles, glass, mill scale iron, woven concrete on looms, iron, tatami fabric covering of Japanese culture and Japanese papers for lighting. The skillful use of all these materials together in design creates an astonishing and fascinating effect on people. That’s what we can call an impressive design!

During the whole project process, project management team create solutions at different stages of the work with the YOO Architecture and arcoglobal team. A new drawing set prepared at the very beginning of the project by identifying all the open points in the project that were already incomplete and where the coordination was weak. While drawing set was started to be applied on site in Washington, production drawings were given to the team in Dubai which produces the finishing material, that will speed up and facilitate our installation and increase the quality of the final product. In this way, we ensured coordination both in the production and installation. Also the team has already examined the project in coordination with YOO Architecture team before going on site and made material preparation for the installation.

A team of 18 people worked non-stop day and night for a month in D.C to produce the final product at a speed and quality that this new geography is not familiar with. Issues such as discrepancies on site, problematic materials coming on site and the most challenging complicated designed wooden ceiling were quickly resolved with arcoglobal’s master staff. Also we were able to produce fast solutions, sometimes with small portion installation details that we solved on our own, sometimes with new productions made by our masters on site from spare materials.

As we can summarize, working in coordination with a good team at all stages from the beginning to the end of the process for such an important project ultimately succeeds.

written by İdil Çelmen | Project Specialist