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Hi Bulut, first of all thank you for accepting our interview. We'd like to get to know you better, so we're going to talk about your daily life, your business life in arcoglobal, living abroad, your experiences.

Can you introduce yourself to our followers?

I was born and raised in Ankara, I have graduated from Bilkent University, played for Turkish National Ice Hockey Team U18 and U20.

How did you decide to work at arcoglobal, and when did you start your professional business life?

I am with Arcogloabal from it’s establishment. I have joined Mimar Holding group in 2011.

When did you start as a project group manager at arcoglobal?

I have become a project group manager addition to my R&D Manager responsibilities 4 years ago.

What project are you most proud of at arcoglobal?

Every project has a unique memory but the ones we get to involve with the design has a different flavor.

Before working with arcoglobal, have you ever worked in the luxury retail industry?

I have worked with YOO Architecture prior to Arcoglobal. Had a chance to be involved with the luxury segment from early on.

How do you follow trends in this sector?

Following designers that are working with the brands that steer the industry and try to understand their approach. arcoglobal culture in one word! Hard to do is fun, impossible only takes a little time.

What drives you in your daily work? How do you motivate yourself?

By chasing challenges to overcome daily, which fuels my creativity and design engineering aspects.

What’s your craziest idea that got implemented?

Casting a life size Sakura tree in bronze that lifted in one piece and installed on 9th floor through it’s ceiling.