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High Quality Shop Furniture Production for All Type of Stores



Created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency meaning that it is not tied to a specific government or central authority. The production process of cryptocurrencies is carried out by a technique called crypto coin mining. Cryptocurrency mining, in its most basic definition, is producing crypto money with devices having special software and hardware which solve complex problems. As Arcoglobal, we do high quality shop furniture production even in the process of the crypto-coin mining.

We Care About Your Comfort When You Do Mining 

Mining based cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can now be produced only with ASIC mining devices due to the need for high computing capacity. In Turkey a new showroom in Nişantaşı İstanbul is opened by Phoneix Store called BITMAIN where special hardware systems of ASIC mining can be processed is sold. Phoenix Store is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining hardware retailers and the exclusive sales partner of Bitmain in the Middle East region. It is the region’s accredited service and repair centre for Bitmain miners in Dubai. As Arcoglobal, we have best offer for shop furnitures in Istanbul so we are preferred by Phonix Store.

We Have Best Offer For Shop Furnitures In Istanbul

Arcoglobal is being the company of premium retail fit out in İstanbul became a reliable partner for Phoenix Store where the local material supply of furnitures of Bitmain Showroom is procured. Moreover, an architectural renovation process is managed with local solutions through comparative prices. Beginning with site survey projects are developed according to the needs of the client. Each and every step client approval is asked and the needs are satisfied with high quality production. Arcoglobal who has furniture production for A+ brands, is proud of being the turnkey solution partner of Phoneix Store for the opening of BITMAIN showroom which is the only and the first crypto mining hardware store of Turkey.