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EuroShop, the biggest retail trade fair has made its debut in 1966. The mid 60’s where there was no Super Bowl, ATM machines or even diet coke! The era that Germany had still the walls between two sides or the times that the first Wal-Mart store opened its doors.

It sounds like unbelievable, right?

At such a time, EuroShop, became the gateway to the world’s markets, a hotspot for each and everyone who was going after mint state ideas, inspirations and keys for success in retail industry.

When EuroShop started its journey with 331 exhibitors and nearly 20.000 square meters, none of us could ever imagine the numbers would hit 6 to 10 times where most of the trade fairs began to be forgotten in these days of insatiable consumption period.

Needless to say that, this exponential growth is no coincidence for EuroShop. There are quite a few underlying factors that can commentate the recipe for its success. To ensure the complete package of retail inspiration, EuroShop, needed a continual self improvement. They knew this necessity backwards and forwards!

At the first EuroShop, frozen foods has been presented as “the merchandise of the future”. Back then a lot of water has flowed beneath the retail bridge. Today’s retail world is changing faster than ever after all...

Therefore, EuroShop changed and adopted its format according to the needs of its visitors and exhibitors. It used to be held under four sectors which was called EuroConcept, EuroSales, EuroExpo and EuroCIS. In 2017, “the sectors” switched to “dimensions” and four became seven. The center of the focus was to create a more flexible and customized environment, build synergy between various dimensions that have already started to merge in real life and enlarge the scope of the fair to shape the forward thinking. It was also announced that in 2020 the dimensions would be extended to eight instead of seven.

Let us take a quick glance of these eight dimensions that can inject more depth than ever to EuroShop 2020 and what it means to your brand or company.

Retail Marketing
The tools that gives you the visibility in each retail habitat whether it is online or offline. The signages, displays, outdoor communication, creative intelligence, smart and inspirational solutions...

Retail Technology
Today is an “Artificial Intelligence” era! We all need to acknowledge this very attentively as EuroShop does. ERP systems, Pos technology, mobile solutions, E-commerce, different types of payment systems. Briefly, the latest trends that are focusing on the future that make your customer’s (your guests, I will call them guests onwards) life easier and increase their sense of belonging to your brand.

Expo and Event Marketing
The creativity that you need to show in your entire shows and events. From stand construction and equipment to event technology, the creativity you need to adjust to your business.

Efficiency is the key and we all know that it is hard to achieve. This dimension will give you brilliant ideas about the systems, designs and technology.

Visual Merchandising
Where you construct the first impression with your beloved guests! Innovative solutions of displaying, new decoration ideas for in store and windows as well. Digital interactions and long lasting impacts would be the key for a future success.

Food Service Equipment
Gastronomy, is more important than ever so does its equipments, designs and architecture. This dimensions comes with the latest cooking and baking solutions and how to create new experiences.

Shop Fitting and Store Design
Who would like to spend time and money in an outdated environment. Of course, no one! There are plenty of different options out there so if you find the concept old fashioned you would move on to the next one for sure. At that point this dimension comes to the picture with sustainable inspirations, aesthetics of uniquely distinctive concepts and latest trends.

Refrigeration and Energy Management
Last but not least, this dimension would be the answer to “How will energy management be handled tomorrow?”, “How can you combine to create congenial shop environment?”, by replying these questions you would also find the solutions for new age of refrigeration and building automations.

In a nutshell, all of the above dimensions are precious than each other and inseparable from one another. That is the main reason for the biggest names from entire part of the retail world to attend the fair every three years. From mass to high end, banking to construction or FMCG to fashion, it does not matter. If you decide to visit “the future” in EuroShop you would probably bump into Harvey Nichols, The Home Depot, Migros, Coca-Cola, LVMH, Apple, Chanel, P&G, Starbucks or Gazprom.

We all know that pointing the future is not enough but addressing the trends that shape the retail today needed to be carried tomorrow is. So EuroShop is “the one” that makes your life easier, better and brighter.

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