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A New Fashion Center: Shanghai


As some of you might have heard, China has become one of the main players of fashion industry. The classical fashion cities like Paris, Milan, New York are watching Shanghai with envy for the last 5 years. “Am I becoming older?” they ask themselves in front of the mirror. “Is there a city more beautiful than me?” The mirror whispers dreading, “Yes my queen. There is, Shanghai. You should see her glamorous and eastern beauty.”

In the blink of an eye the dynamics of luxury fashion has changed due to the rising economic power of China.

Shanghai is the city for luxury brands to become more progressive
Fendi, Chloé and Prada held their fashion shows in Shanghai. It was really interesting that Chloé chose the first pre-collection fashion show in its history there, which was the first time the brand had a fashion show outside of Paris. On the other hand, Fendi recreated it’s 2019 Autumn and Winter Collection in the honor of the brand's former creative director, legendary Karl Lagerfeld at Shanghai Baolong Art Museum. This was an exceptional show as it was Fendi’s first one of Men’s and Women’s Collection combined. Miu Miu re-launched its 2019 Collection in Shanghai as well. What’s more? Tommy Hilfiger, Prada…and so on. You name them!

The secret show of Victoria’s Secret
One of the most interesting occasions happened in Shanghai was the “secret show” of Victoria’s Secret. It became a collective carnival tickets of which were sold for a fortune. The whole fashion industry was there for this unique event. What does Victoria’s Secret’s choice of location tell us about Shanghai? It obviously points out that this city has become the main battlefield of luxury fashion.

Chinese government’s act of cutting the taxes to increase domestic sales was also one of the reasons for this shift. That has motivated the clients to buy more high-end products such as Dior, Armani, Chanel…

What kind of shopping experience are we talking about?
While Shanghai becomes a paradise for shoppers, it’s also getting famous by its independent designers, niche labels, special tailors, original boutiques with orient spirit. From handmade slippers and modern ceramics to organic cotton baby kimonos…

Shanghai has two main streets called Nanjing West Road and Huaihai Road where you can find stores of the globally notorious fashion brands and amazing places for fine-dining. The malls have spaces to get some rest and drink an exclusive coffee or to order some delicious meals at the large outdoor terraces as well as some creative areas for kids to play. Calling them “premium malls” would not be a mistake.

Shanghai in numbers

It’s expected that the value of luxury market will grow 4.6% more and reach up to 1.3 trillion euros. What does it mean? If we look at the data coming from Boston Consulting Group’s Global Luxury Consumer Research Report we will see, Chinese consumers will be the 40% of the market. It seems like a huge shift, right? Well, it is. All we need to do is to feel the oriental fashion wind coming from the east in this hyperactive era of change… 

Adjust to the new surprises this city serves, catch the soul of time, embrace the blossoming city of fashion.