La Guerite







The design process of La Guerite project constructed for D Maris Bay Hotel at Datça Peninsula was carried out by Prospect Design and application and construction thereof was undertaken by arcoglobal. The coordination of this specific project designed over an approximate area of 2100 m² was extremely important for us. During the execution of the application process of the project, the coordination between design office Prospect Design, employer Doğuş Turizm and many other parties like various producers in Turkey was ensured by arcoglobal.


The concept of La Guerite inspired from the coast is refined on the restaurant’s clientele and a unique, relaxed yet a very elegant space is created. For this reason, in the application process we, together with numerous companies in Turkey and abroad, rigorously worked on various samples of the materials to be used. With its design and service, La Guerite Mediterranean restaurant aims to offer its guest a special and diversified dining experience beyond standards.

World-wide famous La Guerite located in Cannes, France and Saint Barthelemy island has collaborated with D Maris Bay for the re-interpretation of its conventional concept by the designer Sammy Champs. The decisions regarding the design were reached as the result of mock up and sample meetings organized with the materials supplied locally and from abroad.

For the interior design of the restaurant, in order to create an impressive summer venue numerous materials were tried like worn out and entirely handmade timber linings, sofa and furniture made with custom made fabrics and color combinations, and exotic materials like ropes, rugs, wickerwork and straw mat and during this process we had the chance to experience several different materials. Taking into consideration the demands of the La Guerite team, we have produced specifically for La Guerite sunbeds and beach umbrellas not available in Turkey in current conditions, as the result of research and development activities. Throughout the process, all construction works like manufacturing of parts, supply of furniture and materials were carried out by arcoglobal. We have organized different teams and coordinated them, we set off to find various materials in nature and as the result of fast research efforts we delivered the La Guerite Restaurant at the end of a short application process of 4 months